We will provide prompt and appropriate service to promote protection and practical use of your intellectual property rights.


The corporate name “Hanabusa” derives from the surname “Hanabusa” of the founder, Mr. Masami Hanabusa and his successor, Mr. Tsuneo Hanabusa.
The Chineese character HANABUSA depicted above means calyx in Japanese.
Just as the cup-like sepals of the calyx support the growth of the flower, the Hanabusa Patent & Trademark Office supports inventions, designs and trademarks that are the “flowers” of industry and commerce.

Hanabusa Patent & Trademark Office is your best partner.

Today, in the 21st century, not to mention the goods, the worldwide distribution of technology, information, service and the like has been endlessly accelerated. 
Under such circumstances, global competition among companies are even more intensifies.
In these days, in order to boost competitiveness of companies, and succeeded in the worldwide business, protection and active use of intellectual property regarding patent, design, brand, service and the like are indispensable to differentiate your company form others.

In order to strongly promote protection and active use of our clients’ intellectual property in Japan and also in foreign countries, Hanabusa Patent & Trademark Office has been providing services, such as advice, obtainment of rights, exercise of rights, by closely exchanging information with number of clients all over the world from global and clients’ viewpoint.

We have number of experienced and competent staff members having expert and legal knowledge in all the fields, including the fields of technology, such as chemistry, biotechnology, electronics, mechanical engineering, communication of information, and also design, trademark, service and the like.

We promise you to carry out proceedings to obtain registrations and rights regarding patent, utility model, design and trademark, and also litigation and contract on license for our clients in Japan and also in foreign countries faithfully and effectively.  We also promise you to provide you with the necessary information and appropriate advice promptly and appropriately in the field of intellectual property in various situations.